Amazon QLDB API reference - Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (Amazon QLDB)

Amazon QLDB API reference

This chapter describes the low-level API operations for Amazon QLDB that are accessible via HTTP, the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), or an AWS SDK:

  • Amazon QLDB – The QLDB resource management API (also known as the control plane). This API is used only for managing ledger resources and for non-transactional data operations. You can use these operations to create, delete, describe, list, and update ledgers. You can also verify journal data cryptographically, and export or stream journal blocks.

  • Amazon QLDB Session – The QLDB transactional data API. You can use this API to run data transactions on a ledger with PartiQL statements.


    Instead of interacting directly with the QLDB Session API, we recommend using the QLDB driver or the QLDB shell to run data transactions on a ledger.

    • If you're working with an AWS SDK, use the QLDB driver. The driver provides a high-level abstraction layer above the QLDB Session data API and manages the SendCommand operation for you. For information and a list of supported programming languages, see Getting started with the driver.

    • If you're working with the AWS CLI, use the QLDB shell. The shell is a command line interface that uses the QLDB driver to interact with a ledger. For information, see Using the Amazon QLDB shell (data API only).