Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (Amazon QLDB)
Developer Guide

Amazon QLDB PartiQL Reference

Amazon QLDB supports the PartiQL query language. PartiQL provides SQL-compatible query access across multiple data stores containing structured data, semistructured data, and nested data. It is widely used within Amazon and is now available as part of many AWS services, including QLDB.

The following sections describe the QLDB implementation of PartiQL. For the PartiQL specification and a tutorial on the core query language, see the PartiQL documentation page.

PartiQL extends SQL to support documents in the Amazon Ion data format. For information about Amazon Ion, see the Amazon QLDB Data Format Reference.


Amazon QLDB does not support all PartiQL operations. For the statements and the clauses of each statement that QLDB currently supports, see PartiQL Statements.