Accessing Amazon QLDB using the console - Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (Amazon QLDB)

Accessing Amazon QLDB using the console

You can access the AWS Management Console for Amazon QLDB here:

You can use the console to do the following in QLDB:

  • Create, delete, describe, and list ledgers.

  • Run PartiQL statements by using the Query editor.

  • Manage tags for QLDB resources.

  • Verify journal data cryptographically.

  • Export or stream journal blocks.

To learn how to create an Amazon QLDB ledger and set it up with sample application data, see Getting started with the Amazon QLDB console.

Query editor keyboard shortcuts

The Query editor on the QLDB console supports the following keyboard shortcuts.

Action macOS Windows
Run Cmd+Return Ctrl+Enter
Save Cmd+S Ctrl+S
Clear Cmd+Shift+Delete Ctrl+Shift+Backspace