TO_STRING function in Amazon QLDB - Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (Amazon QLDB)

TO_STRING function in Amazon QLDB

In Amazon QLDB, use the TO_STRING function to return a string representation of a given timestamp in the specified format pattern.


TO_STRING ( timestamp, 'format' )



The field name or expression of data type timestamp that the function converts to a string.

An Ion timestamp literal value can be denoted with backticks (`...`). For formatting details and examples of timestamp values, see Timestamps in the Amazon Ion specification document.


The string literal that specifies the format pattern of the result, in terms of its date parts. For valid formats, see Timestamp format strings.

Return type



TO_STRING(`1969-07-20T20:18Z`, 'MMMM d, y') -- "July 20, 1969" TO_STRING(`1969-07-20T20:18Z`, 'MMM d, yyyy') -- "Jul 20, 1969" TO_STRING(`1969-07-20T20:18Z`, 'M-d-yy') -- "7-20-69" TO_STRING(`1969-07-20T20:18Z`, 'MM-d-y') -- "07-20-1969" TO_STRING(`1969-07-20T20:18Z`, 'MMMM d, y h:m a') -- "July 20, 1969 8:18 PM" TO_STRING(`1969-07-20T20:18Z`, 'y-MM-dd''T''H:m:ssX') -- "1969-07-20T20:18:00Z" TO_STRING(`1969-07-20T20:18+08:00Z`, 'y-MM-dd''T''H:m:ssX') -- "1969-07-20T20:18:00Z" TO_STRING(`1969-07-20T20:18+08:00`, 'y-MM-dd''T''H:m:ssXXXX') -- "1969-07-20T20:18:00+0800" TO_STRING(`1969-07-20T20:18+08:00`, 'y-MM-dd''T''H:m:ssXXXXX') -- "1969-07-20T20:18:00+08:00" -- Runnable statements SELECT TO_STRING(`1969-07-20T20:18Z`, 'MMMM d, y') FROM << 0 >> -- "July 20, 1969" SELECT TO_STRING(`1969-07-20T20:18Z`, 'y-MM-dd''T''H:m:ssX') FROM << 0 >> -- "1969-07-20T20:18:00Z"

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