RegisteredUserEmbeddingExperienceConfiguration -


The type of experience you want to embed. For registered users, you can embed Amazon QuickSight dashboards or the Amazon QuickSight console.


Exactly one of the experience configurations is required. You can choose Dashboard or QuickSightConsole. You cannot choose more than one experience configuration.



In the following list, the required parameters are described first.


The configuration details for providing a dashboard embedding experience.

Type: RegisteredUserDashboardEmbeddingConfiguration object

Required: No


The configuration details for embedding the Q search bar.

For more information about embedding the Q search bar, see Embedding Overview.

Type: RegisteredUserQSearchBarEmbeddingConfiguration object

Required: No


The configuration details for providing each Amazon QuickSight console embedding experience. This can be used along with custom permissions to restrict access to certain features. For more information, see Customizing Access to the Amazon QuickSight Console in the Amazon QuickSight User Guide.

Use GenerateEmbedUrlForRegisteredUser where you want to provide an authoring portal that allows users to create data sources, datasets, analyses, and dashboards. The users who accesses an embedded Amazon QuickSight console needs to belong to the author or admin security cohort. If you want to restrict permissions to some of these features, add a custom permissions profile to the user with the UpdateUser API operation. Use the RegisterUser API operation to add a new user with a custom permission profile attached. For more information, see the following sections in the Amazon QuickSight User Guide:

For more information about the high-level steps for embedding and for an interactive demo of the ways you can customize embedding, visit the Amazon QuickSight Developer Portal.

Type: RegisteredUserQuickSightConsoleEmbeddingConfiguration object

Required: No

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