Using the Amazon QuickSight Developer Portal - Amazon QuickSight

Using the Amazon QuickSight Developer Portal

The QuickSight Dev Portal helps you learn by example how to use the QuickSight API in your web site or application. In this initial offering, the dev portal focuses on API operations for embedded analytics.

The dev portal provides easy-to-use code samples to get you started. You can choose from the following three different use cases:

  • Displaying embedded dashboards to everyone (non-authenticated users)

  • Personalizing dashboards for your users

  • Embedding dashboard authoring

The portal itself displays dashboards by using embedding for everyone.

To get started with the dev portal

  1. Open QuickSight Dev Portal and choose Try it on the use case you want to view.

  2. To view code examples, choose How to embed it in the menu bar. Then choose each of the folloinwing from the navigation pane at left:

    • Configure permissions

    • Get embedding URL (code samples in Java, JavaScript, and Python)

    • Embed URL in your application

  3. To download all of the code in a zip file, choose Download all code.

  4. To customize the dashboard, choose How to customize it. This screen is interactive, so you can choose any item in the navigation pane to view the changes live.

  5. You can also view and download the html code at bottom left.

  6. To return to the start page, click on the QuickSight icon, top left.