Amazon QuickSight
User Guide

Canceling your Amazon QuickSight Subscription and Closing the Account

If you want to close your Amazon QuickSight account, you can unsubscribe from the service. In order to unsubscribe, you must be signed in using the IAM account or AWS root account that was used to create your Amazon QuickSight account.

Use the following procedure to unsubscribe from Amazon QuickSight.

  1. Choose your user name on the application bar and then choose Manage QuickSight.

  2. Choose Account settings.

  3. Choose Unsubscribe.

  4. (For Amazon QuickSight Enterprise edition accounts only) On the AWS sign-in page, enter your AWS or IAM credentials.

  5. Note

    This step applies only to early adopters of Amazon QuickSight. Amazon QuickSight accounts created after the preview period don't see these options.

    (Optional) If you prefer to use the AWS console to manually delete the Simple AD directory or VPC that Amazon QuickSight used for user management, uncheck Delete Simple AD directory or Delete VPC. We recommend leaving these checked so that these resources are automatically removed.

  6. Choose Unsubscribe.


If you need to delete your Amazon QuickSight account, even when you can't access Amazon QuickSight to unsubscribe, log in to AWS and use the following link to open the unsubscribe screen: This works no matter what AWS Regions you use. It will delete all data, analyses, Amazon QuickSight users, and Amazon QuickSight administrators. If you have further difficulty, contact support.

After your account is unsubscribed, you can create a new Amazon QuickSight account using any edition and user authorization method.