Amazon QuickSight
User Guide

Copying a Dashboard

To create a new analysis or dashboard from an existing dashboard, choose Save As from the top menu. Doing so creates a new analysis. To create a new dashboard, share the new analysis as a dashboard. You must have co-owner access to the dashboard, or have Save as privileges on it.

After you save the original dashboard as a new analysis, you can collaborate on it by sharing the new analysis with other users. You can use this workflow to preserve a production version of the dashboard, while also developing or testing a new version of it.

Use the following procedure to copy a dashboard to a new one.

  1. Open the dashboard you want to duplicate.

  2. Choose Save As, and then type a name for the new analysis. When you save an existing dashboard using the Save As option, it creates an analysis based on the dashboard.

  3. (Optional) Make changes to the new analysis.

    At this point, you can share the analysis with other users so you can collaborate on changes. All users who have access can make changes to the new analysis.

  4. (Optional) To create a new dashboard with your changes to the new analysis, choose Share, and then Publish Dashboard.

  5. (Optional) To save the new dashboard without sharing it, close the Share dashboard with users screen. Alternatively, you can enter users to share with. You can always share later by choosing Share from the application bar.

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