Amazon QuickSight
User Guide

Creating and Sharing a New Dashboard

Use the following procedure to create and optionally share a dashboard.

  1. On the analysis page, choose Share on the application bar, and then choose Create dashboard.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Choose Create new dashboard as, and then type a dashboard name.

    • Choose Replace an existing dashboard, and then choose the dashboard to replace.

  3. Choose Create dashboard.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Choose Cancel on the Share with users in your account screen to create a dashboard without sharing it now. Then, on the Dashboard sharing screen, choose Close. Doing this completes creating the dashboard. You can always share the new dashboard later.

    • Type the email or user name you want to share with on the Share with users in your account screen to create a dashboard and share it now. Then choose the user from the list that appears. Users who haven't yet used Amazon QuickSight don't appear in the list.


      Users who can access to the dashboard can also access the data used in the dashboard.

      To add more users, choose +. Then type each user's email or user name. You can remove users by choosing the trashcan icon near the user that you want to remove.

      Repeat this step until you have entered everyone that you want to share with, and then choose Share to confirm your choices.

  5. (Optional) If you shared the dashboard in the previous step, the Dashboard sharing screen appears. Choose the users that you want to allow to create analyses based on the shared dashboard.

    To allow a user to create analyses, choose Can create analyses near that user's name. To revoke this access, choose x by that user's name.

    To add more users, choose Invite user. By doing this, you can add more users before closing this screen. You can also access this screen again by choosing to share the dashboard later.

    To reshare the dashboard with the user, choose the Reshare icon next to that user's name. Doing this sends them a new notification email.

    Choose Close when you're finished on this screen. If you let other users create analyses from your dashboard, a confirmation dialog box appears, shown following.

    Choose Confirm to confirm that you grant the users read-only access to the data. Choose Back to change your choices on the previous screen before confirming.

With this step, you've completed creating and sharing the dashboard. The new dashboard users now receive email with a link to the dashboard.