Tutorial: Create an Analysis - Amazon QuickSight

Tutorial: Create an Analysis

Create an analysis, add a visual using AutoGraph, and add another visual by choosing a specific visual type. This procedure builds on the data set you create and prepare using the steps in Tutorial: Create a Prepared Data Set.

Create the Analysis

Create the analysis.

  1. On the Amazon QuickSight start page, choose New analysis.

  2. On the Datasets page, choose the Marketing Sample data set and then choose Create Analysis.

Create a Visual By Using AutoGraph

Create a visual by using AutoGraph, which is selected by default.

On the analysis page, choose Date and Return visitors in the Fields list pane.

Amazon QuickSight creates a line chart using this data.

Create a Scatter Plot Visual

Create a visual by choosing a visual type and dragging fields to the field wells.

  1. On the analysis page, choose Add and then Add visual on the application bar. A new, blank visual is created, and AutoGraph is selected by default.

  2. In the Visual types pane, choose the scatter plot icon.

  3. Choose fields in the Fields list pane to add to the Field wells pane.

    • Choose Desktop Uniques to populate the X axis field well.

    • Choose Mobile Uniques to populate the Y axis field well.

    • Choose Date to populate the Group/Color field well.

    A scatter plot is created using these fields.

Next Steps

Modify the visuals in the analysis by using the procedure in Tutorial: Modify Visuals.