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Tutorial: Modify Visuals

Use the following procedures to modify the visuals created using the procedures in Tutorial: Create an Analysis.

Modify the Line Chart Visual

Modify the line chart visual by making it show an additional measure by date, and also by changing the chart color.

  1. In the analysis, select the line chart visual.

  2. Add another measure to the visual.

    Select the New visitors SEO field in the Fields list pane. This measure is added to the Value field well, and the line chart updates with a line to represent it. Note that the visual title updates as well.

  3. Change the color of the line used to represent the Return visitors measure.

    Choose the line on the chart that represents Return visitors. To do this, choose the end of the line, not the middle of the line.

    Choose Color Return visitors, and then choose the red icon from the color selector.

Modify the Scatter Plot Visual

Modify the scatter plot visual by changing the data granularity.

  1. In the analysis, select the scatter plot visual.

  2. Expand the Field wells pane by choosing the expand icon.

  3. Choose the Group/Color field well, choose Aggregate, and then choose Month.

    The scatter plot updates to show the measures by month, rather than by the default of by year.

Modify Both Visuals by Changing Visual Layout and Adding a Filter

Modify both visuals by changing visual size and location, and by adding a filter and applying it to both of them.

Change the Visual Layout

Modify both visuals by changing visual size and location.

  1. In the analysis, select the line chart visual.

  2. Choose the resize handle in the lower right corner of the visual and drag up and to the left, until the visual is half its former size both horizontally and vertically.

  3. Repeat this procedure on the scatter plot visual.

  4. Choose the move handle on the scatter plot visual, and drag it up to the right of the line chart visual so that they are side-by-side.

Modify Both Visuals by Adding a Filter

Modify both visuals by adding a filter and applying it to both of them.

  1. In the analysis, choose the scatter plot visual.

  2. Choose Filter in the tool bar.

  3. On the Applied filters pane, choose the new filter icon, and then choose the Date field to filter on.

  4. Choose the new filter to expand it.

  5. Choose the After comparison type.

  6. Enter a start date value of 1/1/2014.

    Choose Start Date, choose the month expander, and then choose January.

    Choose the year expander and then choose 2014.

    Choose the calendar and then choose 1.

  7. Choose Apply.

    The filter is applied to the currently selected visual, which is the scatter plot visual. This is indicated with a filter icon next to the visual title.

  8. Apply the filter to the line chart visual as well.

    Choose the selector next to the filter name, and then choose All visuals for this data set.

Next Steps

Create a dashboard from the analysis by using the procedure in Tutorial: Create a Dashboard.