Using KPIs - Amazon QuickSight

Using KPIs

Use a key performance indicator (KPI) to visualize a comparison between a key value and its target value.

A KPI displays a value comparison, the two values being compared, and a progress bar. For example, the following KPI shows how closely revenue is meeting its forecast.

The icon for a KPI is as follows.

KPI features

To understand the features supported by the KPI visual type in Amazon QuickSight, use the following table.

Feature Supported? Comments For more information
Changing the title display Yes Formatting a visual title and subtitle
Removing the title Yes You can choose not to display a title.
Changing comparison method Yes By default, Amazon QuickSight automatically chooses a method. The settings are auto, difference, percent, and difference as percent.
Changing the primary value displayed Yes You can choose comparison (default) or actual.
Displaying or removing the progress bar Yes You can format the visual to either display (default) or not display a progress bar.

Creating a KPI

Use the following procedure to create a KPI.

To create a KPI

  1. Create a new analysis for your dataset.

  2. In the Visual types pane, choose the KPI icon.

  3. From the Fields list pane, drag the fields that you want to use to the appropriate field wells. You must use measure fields as indicated by the target field well. If you choose to use a dimension field as a measure, the Count aggregate function is automatically applied to it to create a numeric value.

    To create a KPI, drag a measure to the Value field well. To compare that value to a target value, drag a different measure to the Target value field well.

  4. (Optional) Choose formatting options by selecting the on-visual menu at the upper-right corner of the visual, then choosing Format visual.