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Creating autonarratives with Amazon QuickSight

An autonarrative is a natural-language summary widget that displays descriptive text instead of charts. You can embed these widgets throughout your analysis to highlight key insights and callouts. You don't have to sift through the visual, drilling down, comparing values, and rechecking ideas to extract a conclusion. You also don't have to try to understand what the data means, or discuss different interpretations with your colleagues. Instead, you can extrapolate the conclusion from the data, and display it in the analysis, stated plainly. A single interpretation can be shared by everyone.

Amazon QuickSight automatically interprets the charts and tables in your dashboard and provides a number of suggested insights in natural language. The suggested insights that you can choose from are ready-made and come with words, calculations, and functions. But you can change them if you want to. You can also design your own. As the author of the dashboard, you have complete flexibility to customize the computations and language for your needs. You can use narratives to effectively tell the story of your data in plain language.


Narratives are separate from machine learning. They only use ML if you add forecast or anomaly (outlier) computations to them.