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Autonarrative Computations

Use this section to help you understand what functions are available to you when you are customizing an autonarrative. You only need to customize a narrative if you want to change or build on the default computation.

After you create an autonarrative, the expression editor opens. You can also activate the expression editor by choosing the on-visual menu, and then Customize Narrative. To add a computation while using the expression editor, choose + Add computation.

You can use the following code expression to build your autonarrative. These are available from the list that's labeled Insert code. Code statements can display inline (in a sentence) or as a block (in a list).

  • Expression – create your own code expression.

  • IF – An IF statement that includes an expression after evaluating a condition.

  • FOR – A FOR statement that loops through values.

You can use the following computations to build your autonarrative. You can use the expression editor without editing any syntax, but you can also customize it if you want to. To interact with the syntax, open the computational widget in the autonarrative expression editor.