Signing Up for an Amazon QuickSight Subscription - Amazon QuickSight

Signing Up for an Amazon QuickSight Subscription

When you first sign up for Amazon QuickSight, you get a free trial subscription for four users for two months. During the process of signing up, you choose which edition of QuickSight to use and set options for your identity provider.

Before you begin, you must be able to connect to an existing AWS account. The person who performs this action needs to have the correct AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions. For more information, see IAM Policy Examples for Amazon QuickSight.

You can use the Policy Simulator to test your permissions. If you sign in as an IAM user and your AWS account is part of an AWS Organization, make sure you didn't inherit any IAM permissions that deny access to the required permissions.

To subscribe to QuickSight

  1. Sign in to your AWS account and open QuickSight from the AWS Management Console. It is located under Analytics, and you can find it by searching for QuickSight.

    Your AWS account number is displayed for verification purposes.

  2. Choose Sign up for QuickSight.

  3. Choose Standard or Enterprise. To confirm, choose Continue.

  4. If you choose Standard, skip this step and proceed to the next one.

    If you choose Enterprise, select the method that you want to connect with. Choose one of the following:

    • Use Role Based Federation (SSO)

    • Use Active Directory

    To sign up for QuickSight with federated users, you need the correct IAM permissions defined as follows:

  5. For both Standard and Enterprise editions, make choices for the following items:

    • Enter a unique account name for QuickSight. Your account name can only contain characters (A–Z and a–z), digits (0–9), and hyphens (-). If you use Microsoft AD, and it has a default alias, this alias is used for the account name.

    • Enter a notification email address for the QuickSight account owner or group. This email address receives service and usage notifications.

    • (Optional) Choose the AWS Region that you want to use for your initial data storage capacity, called SPICE.

    • (Optional) Choose whether to allow autodiscovery of your AWS resources. You can change these options later in Manage Account. For more information, see Allowing Autodiscovery of AWS Resources.

  6. Review the choices you made, then choose Finish.

  7. (Optional) To open QuickSight, choose Go to QuickSight.

    If you are using Enterprise edition, you can manage user groups, by choosing Manage access to QuickSight. Otherwise, close the browser and notify your users how to connect.

  8. (Optional) If you are using SSO or a federation, select the users and groups who are going to use QuickSight.