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Drops a procedure. To drop a procedure, both the procedure name and input argument data types (signature), are required. Optionally, you can include the full argument data types, including OUT arguments.


DROP PROCEDURE sp_name ( [ [ argname ] [ argmode ] argtype [, ...] ] )



The name of the procedure to be removed.


The name of an input argument. DROP PROCEDURE ignores argument names, because only the argument data types are needed to determine the procedure's identity.


The mode of an argument, which can be IN, OUT, or INOUT. OUT arguments are optional because they aren't used to identify a stored procedure.


The data type of the input argument. For a list of the supported data types, see Data Types.


The following example drops a stored procedure named quarterly_revenue.

DROP PROCEDURE quarterly_revenue(volume INOUT bigint, at_price IN numeric,result OUT int);

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