Amazon Redshift
Getting Started Guide

Step 4: Authorize Access to the Cluster

In the previous step, you launched your Amazon Redshift cluster. Before you can connect to the cluster, you need to configure a security group to authorize access. If you launched your cluster in the EC2-VPC platform, follow the steps in To Configure the VPC Security Group (EC2-VPC Platform).

To Configure the VPC Security Group (EC2-VPC Platform)

  1. In the Amazon Redshift console, in the navigation pane, choose Clusters.

  2. Choose examplecluster to open it, and make sure that you are on the Configuration tab.

  3. Under Cluster Properties, for VPC Security Groups, choose your security group.

  4. After your security group opens in the Amazon EC2 console, choose the Inbound tab.

  5. Choose Edit, Add Rule, and enter the following, then choose Save:

    • Type: Custom TCP Rule.

    • Protocol: TCP.

    • Port Range: type the same port number that you used when you launched the cluster. The default port for Amazon Redshift is 5439, but your port might be different.

    • Source: select Custom, then type


      Using is not recommended for anything other than demonstration purposes because it allows access from any computer on the internet. In a real environment, you would create inbound rules based on your own network settings.