Step 3: Start your model - Rekognition

Step 3: Start your model

In this step you start your model. After your model starts, you can use it to analyze images.

You are charged for the amount of time that your model runs. Stop your model if you don't need to analyze images. You can restart your model at a later time. For more information, see Running a trained Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels model.

To start your model

  1. Choose the Use model tab on the model page.

  2. In the Start or stop model section do the following:

    1. Choose Start.

    2. In the Start model dialog box, choose Start.

  3. Wait until the model is running. The model is running when the status in the Start or stop model section is Running.

  4. Use your model to classify images. For more information, see Step 4: Analyze an image with your model.