Accessing SageMaker geospatial - Amazon SageMaker

Accessing SageMaker geospatial


Currently, SageMaker geospatial capabilities are only supported in the US West (Oregon) Region and in Studio Classic.

If you don't see the SageMaker geospatial UI available in your current Studio Classic instance check to make sure you are currently in the US West (Oregon) Region.

A domain is required to access SageMaker geospatial. If you created a domain prior to November 30, 2023 the default experience is Studio Classic.

If you created a domain after November 30, 2023 or if you have migrated to Studio, then you can use the following procedure to activate Studio Classic from within Studio to use SageMaker geospatial features.

To learn more about creating a domain, see Onboard to Amazon SageMaker domain.

To access Studio Classic from Studio
  1. Launch Amazon SageMaker Studio.

  2. Under Applications, choose Studio Classic.

  3. Then, choose Create Studio Classic space.

  4. On the Create Studio Classic space page, enter a Name.

  5. Disable the Share with my domain option. SageMaker geospatial is not available in shared domains.

  6. Then choose Create space.

When successful the Status changes to Updating. When your Studio Classic application is ready to be used the status changes to Stopped.

To start your Studio Classic application, choose Run.