API Reference guide for Amazon SageMaker Autopilot - Amazon SageMaker

API Reference guide for Amazon SageMaker Autopilot

This section provides a subset of the HTTP service REST APIs for creating and managing Amazon SageMaker Autopilot resources (AutoML jobs) programmatically.

If your language of choice is Python, you can refer to AWS SDK for Python (Boto3) or the AutoMLV2 object of the Amazon SageMaker Python SDK directly.

AutoML API Actions

This list details the operations available in the Reference API to manage AutoML jobs programmatically.


CreateAutoMLJobV2 and DescribeAutoMLJobV2 are new versions of CreateAutoMLJob and DescribeAutoMLJob which offer backward compatibility.

We recommend using the CreateAutoMLJobV2. CreateAutoMLJobV2 can manage tabular problem types identical to those of its previous version CreateAutoMLJob, as well as non-tabular problem types such as image or text classification, or time-series forecasting.

Find guidelines about how to migrate a CreateAutoMLJob to CreateAutoMLJobV2 in Migrate a CreateAutoMLJob to CreateAutoMLJobV2.

AutoML API Data Types

This list details the API AutoML objects used by the actions above as inbound requests or outbound responses.