Step 4.1: Download the MNIST Dataset - Amazon SageMaker

Step 4.1: Download the MNIST Dataset

To download the MNIST dataset, copy and paste the following code into the notebook and run it:.

%%time import pickle, gzip, urllib.request, json import numpy as np # Load the dataset urllib.request.urlretrieve("", "mnist.pkl.gz") with'mnist.pkl.gz', 'rb') as f: train_set, valid_set, test_set = pickle.load(f, encoding='latin1') print(train_set[0].shape)

The code does the following:

  1. Downloads the MNIST dataset (mnist.pkl.gz) from the MNIST Database website to your notebook.

  2. Unzips the file and reads the following datasets into the notebook's memory:

    • train_set – You use these images of handwritten numbers to train a model.

    • valid_set – The XGBoost Algorithm uses these images to evaluate the progress of the model during training.

    • test_set – You use this set to get inferences to test the deployed model.

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