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Getting started with Amazon SageMaker geospatial

SageMaker geospatial provides a purpose built Image and Instance type for Amazon SageMaker Studio Classic notebooks. You can use either CPU or GPU enabled notebooks with the SageMaker geospatial Image. You can also visualize your geospatial data using a purpose built visualizer. Furthermore, SageMaker geospatial also provides APIs that allow you to query raster data collections.You can also use pre-trained models to analyze geospatial data, reverse geocoding, and map matching.


As of November 30, 2023, the previous Amazon SageMaker Studio experience is now named Amazon SageMaker Studio Classic. If prior to November 30, 2023 you created a Amazon SageMaker domain, Studio Classic remains the default experience. domains created after November 30, 2023 default to the new Studio experience.

To access and get started using Amazon SageMaker geospatial, do the following: