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Hosting Instance Storage Volumes

When you create an endpoint, Amazon SageMaker attaches an Amazon EBS storage volume to each ML compute instance that hosts the endpoint. The size of the storage volume depends on the instance type. The following table shows the size of the storage volume that Amazon SageMaker attaches for each instance type.

Instance Type Storage Volume in GB
ml.t2.medium 2
ml.t2.large 4
ml.t2.xlarge 8
ml.t2.2xlarge 16
ml.m4.xlarge 8
ml.m4.2xlarge 16
ml.m4.4xlarge 30
ml.m4.10xlarge 30
ml.m4.16xlarge 30
ml.m5.large 4
ml.m5.xlarge 8
ml.m5.2xlarge 16
ml.m5.4xlarge 30
ml.m5.12xlarge 30
ml.m5.24xlarge 30
ml.c4.large 4
ml.c4.xlarge 4
ml.c4.2xlarge 8
ml.c4.4xlarge 15
ml.c4.8xlarge 30
ml.c5.large 2
ml.c5.xlarge 4
ml.c5.2xlarge 8
ml.c5.4xlarge 16
ml.c5.9xlarge 30
ml.c5.18xlarge 30
ml.p2.xlarge 30
ml.p2.8xlarge 30
ml.p2.16xlarge 30
ml.p3.2xlarge 30
ml.p3.8xlarge 30
ml.p3.16xlarge 30