Amazon SageMaker
Developer Guide

Use Example Notebooks

Your notebook instance contains example notebooks provided by Amazon SageMaker. The example notebooks contain code that shows how to apply machine learning solutions by using Amazon SageMaker. Notebook instances use the nbexamples Jupyter extension. This enables you to view a read-only version of an example notebook or create a copy of it so that you can modify and run it. For more information about the nbexamples extension, see To view or use the example notebooks, choose the SageMaker Examples tab.

To view a read-only version of an example notebook, on the SageMaker Examples tab, choose Preview for that notebook. To create a copy of an example notebook in the home directory of your notebook instance, choose Use. In the dialog box, you can change the notebook's name before saving it.

For more information about the example notebooks, see the Amazon SageMaker examples GitHub repository.


Example notebooks typically download datasets from the internet. If you disable Amazon SageMaker-provided internet access when you create you notebook instance, example notebooks might not work. For more information, see Notebook Instances Are Internet-Enabled by Default.