Register and Deploy Models with Model Registry - Amazon SageMaker

Register and Deploy Models with Model Registry

With the SageMaker model registry you can do the following:

  • Catalog models for production.

  • Manage model versions.

  • Associate metadata, such as training metrics, with a model.

  • Manage the approval status of a model.

  • Deploy models to production.

  • Automate model deployment with CI/CD.

Catalog models by creating model package groups that contain different versions of a model. You can create a model group that tracks all of the models that you train to solve a particular problem. You can then register each model you train and the model registry adds it to the model group as a new model version. A typical workflow might look like the following:

  • Create a model group.

  • Create an ML pipeline that trains a model. For information about SageMaker pipelines, see Create and Manage SageMaker Pipelines.

  • For each run of the ML pipeline, create a model version that you register in the model group you created in the first step.

The following topics show how to use the model registry.