Managing Hyperparameter Tuning Jobs - Amazon SageMaker

Managing Hyperparameter Tuning Jobs

You can clone a job, add or edit tags, or create a new hyperparameter tuning job from the console. You can also use the search feature to find jobs by their name, creation time, and status.

Creating a Hyperparameter Tuning Job

To create a new job, open the Amazon SageMaker console, choose Training, choose Hyperparameter tuning jobs, and then choose Create hyperparameter tuning job

For instructions on using the API to create a tuning job, see Example: Hyperparameter Tuning Job.

Cloning an existing training Job

You can save time by cloning a training job, which copies all of the job’s settings, including data channels, S3 bucket locations, algorithms, and the hyperparameter options.

To clone a training job

  • On the Training jobs page or on the Hyperparameter tuning jobs page. choose Actions and then choose Clone

Editing Tags

You enter tags as key-value pairs. Values are not required. You can use just the key. To see the keys associated with a job, choose the Tags tab on the tuning job’s details page.