Manage Hyperparameter Tuning and Training Jobs - Amazon SageMaker

Manage Hyperparameter Tuning and Training Jobs

A tuning job can contain many training jobs and creating and managing these jobs and their definitions can become a complex and onerous task. SageMaker provides tools to help facilitate the management of these jobs. Tuning jobs you have run can be accessed from the Amazon SageMaker console at Select Hyperparameter tuning job from the Training menu to see the list. This page is also where you start the procedure to create a new tuning job by selecting Create hyperparameter tuning job.

To see the training jobs run a part of a tuning job, select one of the hyperparameter tuning jobs from the list. The tabs on the tuning job page allow you to inspect the training jobs, their definitions, the tags and configuration used for the tuning job, and the best training job found during tuning. You can select the best training job or any of the other training jobs that belong to the tuning job to see all of their settings. From here you can create a model that uses the hyperparameter values found by a traing job by selecting Create Model or you can clone the training job by selecting Clone.


You can save time by cloning a training job that belongs to a hyperparameter tuning job. Cloning copies all of the job’s settings, including data channels, S3 storage locations for output artifacts. You can do this for training jobs you have already run from the tuning job page, as just described, or when you are creating additional training job definitions while creating a hyperparameter tuning job, as described in Add or Clone a Training Job step of that prcedure.


Automatic Model Tuning launches multiple training jobs within a single parent tuning job to discover the ideal weighting of model hyperparameters. Tags can be added to the parent tuning job as describd in the Define job settings section and these tags are then propagated to the individual training jobs underneath. Customers can use these tags for purposes such as cost allocation or access control. To add tags using the SageMaker SDK, use AddTags API. For more information about using tagging for AWS resources, see Tagging AWS resources.