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Get Notebook Instance Metadata

When you create a notebook instance, Amazon SageMaker creates a JSON file on the instance at the location /opt/ml/metadata/resource-metadata.json that contains the ResourceName and ResourceArn of the notebook instance. You can access this metadata from anywhere within the notebook instance, including in lifecycle configurations. For information about notebook instance lifecycle configurations, see Customize a Notebook Instance .

The resource-metadata.json file has the following structure:

{ "ResourceArn": "NotebookInstanceArn", "ResourceName": "NotebookInstanceName" }

You can use this metadata from within the notebook instance to get other information about the notebook instance. For example, the following commands get the tags associated with the notebook instance:

NOTEBOOK_ARN=$(jq '.ResourceArn' /opt/ml/metadata/resource-metadata.json --raw-output) aws sagemaker list-tags --resource-arn $NOTEBOOK_ARN

The out put looks like the following:

{ "Tags": [ { "Key": "test", "Value": "true" } ] }