Change a Kernel - Amazon SageMaker

Change a Kernel

With Amazon SageMaker Studio notebooks, you can change the notebook's kernel from within the notebook.

The following screenshot shows the menu from a Studio notebook. The current SageMaker kernel and image are displayed as Python 3 (Data Science), where Python 3 denotes the kernel and Data Science denotes the SageMaker image that contains the kernel. The color of the circle to the right indicates the kernel is idle or busy. The kernel is busy when the center and the edge of the circle are the same color.

To change a notebook's kernel

  1. Choose the kernel name.

  2. From the drop-down list, choose a kernel.

  3. After choosing a kernel, choose Select.

  4. Wait for the kernel's status to show as idle, which indicates the kernel has started.

For a list of available SageMaker kernels, see Available Amazon SageMaker Kernels.