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RCF Hyperparameters

In the CreateTrainingJob request, you specify the training algorithm. You can also specify algorithm-specific hyperparameters as string-to-string maps. The following table lists the hyperparameters for the Amazon SageMaker RCF algorithm. For more information, including recommendations on how to choose hyperparameters, see How RCF Works.

Parameter Name Description

The number of features in the data set. (If you are using the client libraries through a notebook, this value is calculated for you and need not be specified.)

Required (When the job is run through the console.)

Valid values: Positive integer (min: 1, max: 10000)


A list of metrics used to score a labeled test data set. The following metrics can be selected for output:

  • accuracy - returns fraction of correct predictions.

  • precision_recall_fscore - returns the positive and negative precision, recall, and F1-scores.


Valid values: a list with possible values taken from accuracy or precision_recall_fscore.

Default value: Both accuracy, precision_recall_fscore are calculated.


Number of random samples given to each tree from the training data set.


Valid values: Positive integer (min: 1, max: 2048)

Default value: 256


Number of trees in the forest.


Valid values: Positive integer (min: 50, max: 1000)

Default value: 100