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RStudio administrative dashboard

This topic shows how to access and use the RStudio administrative dashboard. With the RStudio administrative dashboard, admins can manage users and RSessions, as well as view information about RStudio Server instance utilization and Amazon CloudWatch Logs.

Launch the RStudio administrative dashboard

The R_STUDIO_ADMIN authorization allows the user to access the RStudio administrative dashboard. An R_STUDIO_ADMIN user can access the RStudio administrative dashboard by replacing workspaces with admin in their RStudio URL manually. The following shows how to modify the URL to access the RStudio administrative dashboard.

For example, the following RStudio URL:


Can be converted to:


Dashboard tab

This tab gives an overview of your RStudio Server instance utilization, as well as information on the number of active RSessions.

Sessions tab

This tab gives information on the active RSessions, such as the user that launched the RSessions, the time that the RSessions have been running, and their resource utilization.

Users tab

This tab gives information on the RStudio authorized users in the domain, such as the time that the last RSession was launched and their resource utilization.

Stats tab

This tab gives information on the utilization of your RStudio Server instance.

Logs tab

This tab displays Amazon CloudWatch Logs for the RStudio Server instance. For more information about logging events with Amazon CloudWatch Logs, see What is Amazon CloudWatch Logs?.