Network and Storage - Amazon SageMaker

Network and Storage

The following topic describes network access and data storage considerations for your RStudio instance. For general information about network access and data storage when using Amazon SageMaker, seeĀ Data Protection in Amazon SageMaker.


RStudio on Amazon SageMaker supports encryption at rest.

Use RStudio in VPC-only mode

RStudio in Amazon SageMaker supports AWS PrivateLink integration. With this integration, you can use RStudio on SageMaker in VPC-only mode without direct access to the internet. When you use RStudio in VPC-only mode, your security groups are automatically managed by the service. This includes connectivity between your RServer and your RSessions.

The following are required to use RStudio in VPC-only mode. For more information on selecting a VPC, see Choose a VPC.

  • A private subnet with either access the internet to make a call to Amazon SageMaker & License Manager, or Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) endpoints for both Amazon SageMaker & License Manager.

  • The Domain cannot have any more than two associated Security Groups.

  • A Security Group ID for use with the Domain in Domain Settings. This must allow all outbound access.

  • A Security Group ID for use with the Amazon VPC endpoint. This security group must allow inbound traffic from the Domain Security Group ID.

  • Amazon VPC Endpoint for sagemaker.api and AWS License Manager. This must be in the same Amazon VPC as the private subnet.