Create and Manage OIDC IdP Workforce - Amazon SageMaker

Create and Manage OIDC IdP Workforce

Create a private workforce using an OpenID Connect (OIDC) Identity Provider (IdP) when you want to manage and authenticate your workers using your own OIDC IdP. Individual worker credentials and other data will be kept private. Ground Truth and Amazon A2I will only have visibility into worker information you provide through the claims that you send to these services. To create a workforce using an OIDC IdP, your IdP must support groups because Ground Truth and Amazon A2I map one or more groups in your IdP to a work team. To learn more, see Send Required and Optional Claims to Ground Truth and Amazon A2I.

If you are a new user of Ground Truth or Amazon A2I, you can test your worker UI and job workflow by creating a private work team and adding yourself as a worker. Use this work team when you create a labeling job or human review workflow. First, create a private OIDC IdP workforce using the instructions in Create a Private Workforce (OIDC IdP). Next, refer to Manage a Private Workforce (OIDC IdP) to learn how to create a work team.