Launch a custom SageMaker image in Amazon SageMaker Studio - Amazon SageMaker

Launch a custom SageMaker image in Amazon SageMaker Studio

After you create your custom SageMaker image and attach it to your domain or shared space, the custom image and kernel appear in selectors in the Change environment dialog box of the Studio Launcher.

To launch and select your custom image and kernel
  1. In Amazon SageMaker Studio, open the Launcher. To open the Launcher, choose Amazon SageMaker Studio at the top left of the Studio interface or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + L.

    To learn about all the available ways to open the Launcher, see Use the Amazon SageMaker Studio Launcher

          SageMaker Studio launcher.
  2. In the Launcher, in the Notebooks and compute resources section, choose Change environment.

  3. In the Change environment dialog, use the dropdown menus to select your Image from the Custom Image section, and your Kernel, then choose Select.

  4. In the Launcher, choose Create notebook or Open image terminal. Your notebook or terminal launches in the selected custom image and kernel.

To change your image or kernel in an open notebook, see Change an Image or a Kernel.


If you encounter an error when launching the image, check your Amazon CloudWatch logs. The name of the log group is /aws/sagemaker/studio. The name of the log stream is $domainID/$userProfileName/KernelGateway/$appName.