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Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab

Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab is a free service that gives customers access to AWS compute resources, in an environment based on open-source JupyterLab. It is based on the same architecture and user interface as Amazon SageMaker Studio Classic, but with a subset of Studio Classic capabilities.

With Studio Lab, you can use AWS compute resources to create and run your Jupyter notebooks without signing up for an AWS account. Because Studio Lab is based on open-source JupyterLab, you can take advantage of open-source Jupyter extensions to run your Jupyter notebooks.

Studio Lab compared to Amazon SageMaker Studio Classic

While Studio Lab provides free access to AWS compute resources, Amazon SageMaker Studio Classic provides the following advanced machine learning capabilities that Studio Lab does not support.

  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery (SageMaker Pipelines)

  • Real-time predictions

  • Large-scale distributed training

  • Data preparation (Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler)

  • Data labeling (Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth)

  • Feature Store

  • Bias analysis (Clarify)

  • Model deployment

  • Model monitoring

Studio Classic also supports fine-grained access control and security by using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), and AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS). Studio Lab does not support these Studio Classic features, nor does it support the use of estimators and built-in SageMaker algorithms.

To export your Studio Lab projects for use with Studio Classic, seeĀ Export an Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab environment to Amazon SageMaker Studio Classic.

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