Update Studio Apps - Amazon SageMaker

Update Studio Apps

To update an Amazon SageMaker Studio app to the latest release, you must first shut down the corresponding KernelGateway app from the SageMaker Studio Control Panel. After the KernelGateway app is shut down, you must reopen it through SageMaker Studio by running a new kernel. The kernel automatically updates. Any unsaved notebook information is lost in the process. The user data in the Amazon EFS volume isn't impacted.


A KernelGateway app is associated with a single Studio user. When you update the app for one user it doesn't effect other users.

To shut down the KernelGateway app

  1. Choose your user name.

  2. Under Apps, in the row displaying the App name, choose Delete app.

    To update Data Wrangler, delete the app that starts with sagemaker-data-wrang.

  3. Choose Yes, delete app.

  4. Type delete in the confirmation box.

  5. Choose Delete.