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AWS Data Provider for SAP

Installation and Operations Guide

AWS Data Provider for SAP

SAP specialists, Amazon Web Services

Last updated: January, 2022

The Amazon Web Services Data Provider for SAP is a tool that collects performance-related data from AWS services. It makes this data available to SAP applications to help monitor and improve the performance of business transactions. SAP requires customers to install the agent as described in SAP note 1656250 (login credentials required).

The AWS Data Provider for SAP uses operating system, network, and storage data that is most relevant to the operation of the SAP infrastructure. Its data sources include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon CloudWatch. This guide provides installation, configuration, and troubleshooting information for the AWS Data Provider for SAP on both Linux and Windows.

About this guide

This guide is part of a content series that provides detailed information about hosting, configuring, and using SAP technologies in the AWS Cloud. For the other guides in the series, ranging from overviews to advanced topics, see the SAP on AWS Technical Documentation home page.