SAProuter and SAP Solution Manager - General SAP Guides

SAProuter and SAP Solution Manager

The following sections describe options for SAProuter and SAP Solution Manager when running SAP solutions on AWS.

For SAP All-on-AWS Architecture

When setting up an SAP environment on AWS, you will need to set up an SAP Solution Manager system and SAProuter with a connection to the SAP support network, as you would with any infrastructure. See the all-on-AWS architecture diagram (Figure 3) for an illustration.

When setting up the SAProuter and SAP support network connection, follow these guidelines:

  • Launch the instance that the SAProuter software is installed on into a public subnet of the VPC and assign it an Elastic IP address.

  • Create a specific security group for the SAProuter instance with the necessary rules to allow the required inbound and outbound access to the SAP support network.

  • Use the Secure Network Communications (SNC) type of internet connection. For more information, see