Using the utilization report - Savings Plans

Using the utilization report

Savings Plans utilization shows you the percentage of your Savings Plans commitment that you're using across your On-Demand usage. You can use your Savings Plans utilization report to visually understand how your Savings Plans apply to your usage over the configured time period. Along with a visualized graph, the report shows high-level metrics based on your selected Savings Plan, filters, and lookback periods. Utilization is calculated based on how your Savings Plans applied to your usage over the lookback period.

For example, if you have a $10/ hour commitment, and your usage billed with Savings Plans rates totals to $9.80 for the hour, your utilization for that hour is 98 percent.

Understanding your metrics

You can find high-level metrics in the Utilization report section.

  • On-Demand spend equivalent – The amount you would have spent on the same usage if you didn’t commit to Savings Plans. This amount is the equivalent On-Demand cost based on current On-Demand rates.

  • Savings Plans spend – Your Savings Plans commitment spend over the lookback period.

  • Total net savings – The amount you saved using Savings Plans commitments over the selected time period, compared to the On-Demand cost estimate.

Analyzing your utilization report calculations

You can see your Savings Plans utilization at an hourly, daily, or monthly granularity, based on your lookback period. You can customize your filters by member account, AWS Region, Savings Plans type, and instance family in the Filters section.

If you’re a user in a management account, you can see the aggregated utilization for the entire Consolidated Billing family.

Downloading your utilization report

You can download a CSV file of your Savings Plans utilization report data.

To download your utilization report
  1. Open the AWS Cost Management console at

  2. In the navigation pane, under Savings Plans, choose Utilization report.

  3. On the Utilization report page, choose Download chart (CSV).