Getting started with Savings Plans - Savings Plans

Getting started with Savings Plans

To get started with Savings Plans, you'll need to enable Cost Explorer. Cost Explorer helps you optimize your costs with Savings Plans. In Cost Explorer, you can access customized purchase recommendations based on your past AWS usage, purchase Savings Plans, and easily manage your purchased Savings Plans.

Start by enabling your settings and permissions in Cost Explorer before using the AWS Billing and Cost Management console to view, analyze, and manage your Savings Plans.

  • Enable Cost Explorer. You can manage access to your Savings Plans by first enabling your Cost Explorer access. It can take up to 24 hours for the data required to create recommendations to become available. For more information, see Controlling Access for Cost Explorer in the AWS Cost Management User Guide.

  • Enable purchases using APIs. Managing IAM permissions for Savings Plan APIs are found in Savings Plans API Reference.