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Creating and Deleting Apps in Amazon Pinpoint

An app is an Amazon Pinpoint project in which you define the audience for a distinct application, and you engage this audience with tailored messages. The examples on this page demonstrate how to create a new app or delete an existing one.

Create an App

Create a new app in Amazon Pinpoint by providing an app name to the CreateAppRequest object, and then passing that object to the AmazonPinpointClient's createApp method.


import; import; import; import; import;


CreateApplicationRequest appRequest = new CreateApplicationRequest() .withName(appName); CreateAppRequest request = new CreateAppRequest(); request.withCreateApplicationRequest(appRequest); CreateAppResult result = pinpoint.createApp(request);

See the complete example on GitHub.

Delete an App

To delete an app, call the AmazonPinpointClient's deleteApp request with a DeleteAppRequest object that's set with the app name to delete.


import; import;


DeleteAppRequest deleteRequest = new DeleteAppRequest() .withApplicationId(appID); pinpoint.deleteApp(deleteRequest);

See the complete example on GitHub.

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