Developer Guide - AWS SDK for Java 2.x - AWS SDK for Java 2.x

Developer Guide - AWS SDK for Java 2.x

The AWS SDK for Java provides a Java API for AWS services. Using the SDK, you can build Java applications that work with Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, DynamoDB, and more.

The AWS SDK for Java 2.x is a major rewrite of the version 1.x code base. It’s built on top of Java 8+ and adds several frequently requested features. These include support for non-blocking I/O and the ability to plug in a different HTTP implementation at runtime.

We regularly add support for new services to the AWS SDK for Java. For a list of changes and features in a particular version, view the change log.

Get started with the SDK

If you’re ready to get hands-on with the SDK, follow the Get started with the AWS SDK for Java 2.x tutorial.

To set up your development environment, see Set up the AWS SDK for Java 2.x.

If you’re currently using version 1.x of the SDK for Java, see Migrate to version 2 for specific guidance.

For information on making requests to Amazon S3, DynamoDB, Amazon EC2 and other AWS services, see Use the SDK for Java and Work with AWS services.

Develop mobile applications

If you’re a mobile app developer, Amazon Web Services provides the AWS Amplify framework.

Maintenance and support for SDK major versions

For information about maintenance and support for SDK major versions and their underlying dependencies, see the following topics in the AWS SDKs and Tools Reference Guide:

Additional resources

In addition to this guide, the following are valuable online resources for AWS SDK for Java developers:

Contribute to the SDK

Developers can also contribute feedback through the following channels: