Listing AWS Resources using AWS CloudFormation - AWS SDK for .NET

Listing AWS Resources using AWS CloudFormation

The AWS SDK for .NET supports AWS CloudFormation, which creates and provisions AWS infrastructure deployments predictably and repeatedly. For more information, see AWS CloudFormation Getting Started Guide.

The following example shows how to use the low-level APIs to list accessible resources in AWS CloudFormation.

// using Amazon.CloudFormation; // using Amazon.CloudFormation.Model; var client = new AmazonCloudFormationClient(); var request = new DescribeStacksRequest(); var response = client.DescribeStacks(request); foreach (var stack in response.Stacks) { Console.WriteLine("Stack: {0}", stack.StackName); Console.WriteLine(" Status: {0}", stack.StackStatus); Console.WriteLine(" Created: {0}", stack.CreationTime); var ps = stack.Parameters; if (ps.Any()) { Console.WriteLine(" Parameters:"); foreach (var p in ps) { Console.WriteLine(" {0} = {1}", p.ParameterKey, p.ParameterValue); } } }

For related API reference information, see Amazon.CloudFormation and Amazon.CloudFormation.Model in the AWS SDK for .NET API Reference.