Developer Guide

Signing Custom Amazon CloudSearch Domain Requests with AWS SDK for PHP Version 3

Amazon CloudSearch domain requests can be customized beyond what is supported by the AWS SDK for PHP. In cases where you need to make custom requests to domains protected by IAM authentication, you can use the SDK's credential providers and signers to sign any PSR-7 request.

For example, if you're following Cloud Search's Getting Started guide and want to use an IAM-protected domain for Step 3, you would need to sign and execute your request as follows.

use Aws\Credentials\CredentialProvider; use Aws\Signature\SignatureV4; use GuzzleHttp\Client; use GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Request; // Prepare a CloudSearch domain request $request = new Request( 'GET', 'https://<your-domain>.<region-of-domain>' ); // Get your credentials from the environment $credentials = call_user_func(CredentialProvider::defaultProvider())->wait(); // Construct a request signer $signer = new SignatureV4('cloudsearch', '<region-of-domain>'); // Sign the request $request = $signer->signRequest($request, $credentials); // Send the request $response = (new Client)->send($request); $results = json_decode($response->getBody()); if ($results->hits->found > 0) { echo $results->hits->hit[0]->fields->title . "\n"; }