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Class: Aws::Plugins::GlobalConfiguration

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This plugin provides the ability to provide global configuration for all AWS classes or specific ones.

Global AWS configuration

You can specify global configuration defaults via Aws.config

Aws.config[:region] = 'us-west-2'

Options applied to Aws.config are merged with constructed service interfaces.

# uses the global configuration #=> 'us-west-2'

# constructor args have priority over global configuration 'us-east-1').config.region #=> 'us-east-1'

Service Specific Global Configuration

Some services have very specific configuration options that are not shared by other services.

# oops, this option is only recognized by Aws::S3
Aws.config[:force_path_style] = true
#=> raises ArgumentError: invalid configuration option `:force_path_style'

To avoid this issue, you can nest service specific options

Aws.config[:s3] = { force_path_style: true } # no error this time #=> true

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