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Use this parameter to set a default Service Connect namespace. After you set a default Service Connect namespace, any new services with Service Connect turned on that are created in the cluster are added as client services in the namespace. This setting only applies to new services that set the enabled parameter to true in the ServiceConnectConfiguration. You can set the namespace of each service individually in the ServiceConnectConfiguration to override this default parameter.

Tasks that run in a namespace can use short names to connect to services in the namespace. Tasks can connect to services across all of the clusters in the namespace. Tasks connect through a managed proxy container that collects logs and metrics for increased visibility. Only the tasks that Amazon ECS services create are supported with Service Connect. For more information, see Service Connect in the Amazon Elastic Container Service Developer Guide.

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The namespace name or full Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the Cloud Map namespace that's used when you create a service and don't specify a Service Connect configuration. The namespace name can include up to 1024 characters. The name is case-sensitive. The name can't include hyphens (-), tilde (~), greater than (>), less than (<), or slash (/).

If you enter an existing namespace name or ARN, then that namespace will be used. Any namespace type is supported. The namespace must be in this account and this Amazon Web Services Region.

If you enter a new name, a Cloud Map namespace will be created. Amazon ECS creates a Cloud Map namespace with the "API calls" method of instance discovery only. This instance discovery method is the "HTTP" namespace type in the Command Line Interface. Other types of instance discovery aren't used by Service Connect.

If you update the cluster with an empty string "" for the namespace name, the cluster configuration for Service Connect is removed. Note that the namespace will remain in Cloud Map and must be deleted separately.

For more information about Cloud Map, see Working with Services in the Cloud Map Developer Guide.


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# File 'gems/aws-sdk-ecs/lib/aws-sdk-ecs/types.rb', line 821

class ClusterServiceConnectDefaultsRequest <
  include Aws::Structure