Class: Aws::SNS::Types::GetTopicAttributesResponse

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Response for GetTopicAttributes action.

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A map of the topic's attributes. Attributes in this map include the following:

  • DeliveryPolicy – The JSON serialization of the topic's delivery policy.

  • DisplayName – The human-readable name used in the From field for notifications to email and email-json endpoints.

  • Owner – The Amazon Web Services account ID of the topic's owner.

  • Policy – The JSON serialization of the topic's access control policy.

  • SubscriptionsConfirmed – The number of confirmed subscriptions for the topic.

  • SubscriptionsDeleted – The number of deleted subscriptions for the topic.

  • SubscriptionsPending – The number of subscriptions pending confirmation for the topic.

  • TopicArn – The topic's ARN.

  • EffectiveDeliveryPolicy – The JSON serialization of the effective delivery policy, taking system defaults into account.

The following attribute applies only to server-side-encryption:

  • KmsMasterKeyId - The ID of an Amazon Web Services managed customer master key (CMK) for Amazon SNS or a custom CMK. For more information, see Key Terms. For more examples, see KeyId in the Key Management Service API Reference.


The following attributes apply only to FIFO topics:

  • FifoTopic – When this is set to true, a FIFO topic is created.

  • ContentBasedDeduplication – Enables content-based deduplication for FIFO topics.

    • By default, ContentBasedDeduplication is set to false. If you create a FIFO topic and this attribute is false, you must specify a value for the MessageDeduplicationId parameter for the Publish action.

    • When you set ContentBasedDeduplication to true, Amazon SNS uses a SHA-256 hash to generate the MessageDeduplicationId using the body of the message (but not the attributes of the message).

      (Optional) To override the generated value, you can specify a value for the MessageDeduplicationId parameter for the Publish action.


  • (Hash<String,String>)

# File 'gems/aws-sdk-sns/lib/aws-sdk-sns/types.rb', line 1017

class GetTopicAttributesResponse <
  include Aws::Structure