AWS SDK Version 3 for .NET
API Reference

AWS services or capabilities described in AWS Documentation may vary by region/location. Click Getting Started with Amazon AWS to see specific differences applicable to the China (Beijing) Region.


Class Arn

Utility class to parse Amazon resource names more commonly known as an ARN.

Class AWSConfigs

Configuration options that apply to the entire SDK. These settings can be configured through app.config or web.config. Below is a full sample configuration that illustrates all the possible options.

  <section name="aws" type="Amazon.AWSSection, AWSSDK.Core"/>
<aws region="us-west-2">
  <logging logTo="Log4Net, SystemDiagnostics" logResponses="Always" logMetrics="true" />
  <s3 useSignatureVersion4="true" />
  <proxy host="localhost" port="8888" username="1" password="1" />
    <dynamoDBContext tableNamePrefix="Prod-" metadataCachingMode="Default" disableFetchingTableMetadata="false" retrieveDateTimeInUtc="false">
        <alias fromTable="FakeTable" toTable="People" />
        <alias fromTable="Persons" toTable="People" />
        <map type="Sample.Tests.Author, SampleDLL" targetTable="People" />
        <map type="Sample.Tests.Editor, SampleDLL" targetTable="People">
          <property name="FullName" attribute="Name" />
          <property name="EmployeeId" attribute="Id" />
          <property name="ComplexData" converter="Sample.Tests.ComplexDataConverter, SampleDLL" />
          <property name="Version" version="true" />
          <property name="Password" ignore="true" />

Class AWSConfigsDynamoDB

Configurations for accessing DynamoDB

Class AWSConfigsS3

Configuration for the S3 section of AWS configuration. Changes to some settings may not take effect until a new client is constructed. Example section:

  <section name="aws" type="Amazon.AWSSection, AWSSDK.Core"/>
  <s3 useSignatureVersion4="true" />

Class Profile

Represents a profile in the configuration file. For example in ~/.aws/config [profile foo] name = value Profile profile = new Profile("foo"); When this is set on the ClientConfig and that config is passed to the service client constructor the sdk will try to find the credentials associated with the Profile.Name property If set, this will override AWS_PROFILE and AWSConfigs.ProfileName.

Class RegionEndpoint

This class contains region information used to lazily compute the service endpoints. The static constants representing the regions can be used while constructing the AWS client instead of looking up the exact endpoint URL.

Class RegionEndpoint.Endpoint

This class defines an endpoints hostname and which protocols it supports.

Class SerializableConfigurationElement

Configuration element that serializes properly when used with collections

Class WritableConfigurationElement

ConfigurationElement class which returns false for IsReadOnly

Class WritableConfigurationElementCollection<>

Easy-to-use generic collection


Enum LoggingOptions

Logging options. Can be combined to enable multiple loggers.

Enum LogMetricsFormatOption

Format for metrics data in the logs

Enum ResponseLoggingOption

Response logging option.