AWS SDK Version 3 for .NET
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Creates an export task so that you can efficiently export data from a log group to an Amazon S3 bucket. When you perform a CreateExportTask operation, you must use credentials that have permission to write to the S3 bucket that you specify as the destination.

Exporting log data to S3 buckets that are encrypted by KMS is supported. Exporting log data to Amazon S3 buckets that have S3 Object Lock enabled with a retention period is also supported.

Exporting to S3 buckets that are encrypted with AES-256 is supported.

This is an asynchronous call. If all the required information is provided, this operation initiates an export task and responds with the ID of the task. After the task has started, you can use DescribeExportTasks to get the status of the export task. Each account can only have one active (RUNNING or PENDING) export task at a time. To cancel an export task, use CancelExportTask.

You can export logs from multiple log groups or multiple time ranges to the same S3 bucket. To separate log data for each export task, specify a prefix to be used as the Amazon S3 key prefix for all exported objects.

Time-based sorting on chunks of log data inside an exported file is not guaranteed. You can sort the exported log field data by using Linux utilities.


For .NET Core this operation is only available in asynchronous form. Please refer to CreateExportTaskAsync.

Namespace: Amazon.CloudWatchLogs
Assembly: AWSSDK.CloudWatchLogs.dll
Version: 3.x.y.z


public virtual CreateExportTaskResponse CreateExportTask(
         CreateExportTaskRequest request


Type: Amazon.CloudWatchLogs.Model.CreateExportTaskRequest

Container for the necessary parameters to execute the CreateExportTask service method.

Return Value

The response from the CreateExportTask service method, as returned by CloudWatchLogs.


InvalidParameterException A parameter is specified incorrectly.
LimitExceededException You have reached the maximum number of resources that can be created.
OperationAbortedException Multiple concurrent requests to update the same resource were in conflict.
ResourceAlreadyExistsException The specified resource already exists.
ResourceNotFoundException The specified resource does not exist.
ServiceUnavailableException The service cannot complete the request.

Version Information

.NET Framework:
Supported in: 4.5, 4.0, 3.5

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