AWS SDK Version 3 for .NET
API Reference

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Class AmazonS3Client

Implementation for accessing S3

Class AmazonS3Config

Configuration for accessing AmazonS3 service

Class AmazonS3DefaultConfiguration

Configuration for accessing Amazon S3 service

Class AmazonS3Exception

Base exception for S3 errors.

Class AnalyticsS3ExportFileFormat

The file format used when exporting data to Amazon S3.

Class ArchiveStatus

The Archive status associated with this source object.

Class ArnExtensions

Extensions methods added to Amazon.Arn type to help parse S3 specific resources from the ARN.

Class BucketAccelerateStatus

Represents the accelerate status for a bucket.

Class ChecksumAlgorithm

Constants used for properties of type ChecksumAlgorithm.

Class ChecksumMode

Constants used for properties of type ChecksumMode.

Class CompressionType

Specifies object's compression format.

Class DeleteMarkerReplicationStatus

The status of the delete marker replication.

Class DeleteObjectsException

AmazonS3 exception. Thrown when DeleteObjects returns successfully, but some of the objects were not deleted.

Class EncodingType

A list of all encoding types.

Class EventType

The bucket event for which to send notifications.

Class ExistingObjectReplicationStatus

Specifies whether existing object replication is enabled.

Class ExpressionType

Type of the expression provided in the Expression member.

Class FileHeaderInfo

Specify how headers will be handled.

Class GlacierJobTier

All enumerations type for retrieval tier for Glacier restore.

Class GranteeType

A list of all grantee types.

Class IntelligentTieringAccessTier
Class IntelligentTieringStatus
Class InventoryFormat

A list of all Inventory Formats.

Class InventoryFrequency

A list of inventory frequencies.

Class InventoryIncludedObjectVersions

A list of inventory included object versions.

Class InventoryOptionalField

A list of inventory optional fields.

Class JsonType

The type of JSON.

Class LifecycleRuleStatus

A list of all lifecycle statuses.

Class MetricsStatus

Specifies whether the replication metrics are enabled.

Class NotificationEvents

The constants for the known event names used by S3 notification. S3 might add new events before the SDK is updated. In which case the names listed in the S3 documentation will work as well as these constants.

Class ObjectAttributes

Constants used for properties of type ObjectAttributes.

Class ObjectLockEnabled

The type of ObjectLockEnabled

Class ObjectLockLegalHoldStatus

The type of ObjectLockLegalHoldStatus

Class ObjectLockMode

The type of ObjectLockMode

Class ObjectLockRetentionMode

The type of ObjectLockRetentionMode

Class ObjectOwnership

Specifies who is assigned ownership of objects uploaded to a bucket

Class OwnerOverride

The override value for the owner of the replica object.

Class PutBucketEncryptionResponse
Class QuoteFields

Describes when fields in output should be surrounded with quotes.

Class ReplicaModificationsStatus
Class ReplicationRuleStatus

Whether a replication rule is applied or ignored.

Class ReplicationStatus

The status of the replication job associated with this source object.

Class ReplicationTimeStatus

Specifies whether the replication time is enabled.

Class RequestCharged

The response from S3 that it confirms that requester pays.

Class RequestPayer

Acknowledges that requester pays for the operation.

Class RestoreRequestType

Indicates what type of job is being initiated.

Class S3CannedACL

A list of all possible CannedACLs that can be used for S3 Buckets or S3 Objects. For more information about CannedACLs, refer to

Class S3OutpostResource

A resource in an S3 Outpost

Class S3Permission

A list of all ACL permissions. For more information, refer to

Class S3Region

A list of all possible S3 Bucket region possibilities. For more information, refer to

Class S3StorageClass

S3 Storage Class Definitions

Class ServerSideEncryptionCustomerMethod

A list of all server-side encryption methods for customer provided encryption keys.

Class ServerSideEncryptionMethod

A list of all server-side encryption methods.

Class SseKmsEncryptedObjectsStatus

The replication for KMS encrypted S3 objects is disabled if status is not Enabled.

Class StorageClassAnalysisSchemaVersion

The version of the output schema to use when exporting data.

Class VersionStatus

A list of all version statuses.


Interface IAmazonS3

Interface for accessing S3


Enum HttpVerb

An enumeration of supported HTTP verbs

Enum Protocol

An enumeration of all protocols that the pre-signed URL can be created against.

Enum S3MetadataDirective

An enumeration of all Metadata directives that can be used for the CopyObject operation.