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Class: Aws::SSM::Types::Target

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When passing Target as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  key: "TargetKey",
  values: ["TargetValue"],

An array of search criteria that targets instances using a Key,Value combination that you specify.

Supported formats include the following.

  • Key=InstanceIds,Values=instance-id-1,instance-id-2,instance-id-3

  • Key=tag:my-tag-key,Values=my-tag-value-1,my-tag-value-2

  • Key=tag-key,Values=my-tag-key-1,my-tag-key-2

  • (Maintenance window targets only) Key=resource-groups:Name,Values=resource-group-name

  • (Maintenance window targets only) Key=resource-groups:ResourceTypeFilters,Values=resource-type-1,resource-type-2

For example:

  • Key=InstanceIds,Values=i-02573cafcfEXAMPLE,i-0471e04240EXAMPLE,i-07782c72faEXAMPLE

  • Key=tag:CostCenter,Values=CostCenter1,CostCenter2,CostCenter3

  • Key=tag-key,Values=Name,Instance-Type,CostCenter

  • (Maintenance window targets only) Key=resource-groups:Name,Values=ProductionResourceGroup

  • (Maintenance window targets only) Key=resource-groups:ResourceTypeFilters,Values=AWS::EC2::INSTANCE,AWS::EC2::VPC

For information about how to send commands that target instances using Key,Value parameters, see Using Targets and Rate Controls to Send Commands to a Fleet in the AWS Systems Manager User Guide.

Instance Attribute Summary collapse

Instance Attribute Details


User-defined criteria for sending commands that target instances that meet the criteria.


  • (String)

    User-defined criteria for sending commands that target instances that meet the criteria.


User-defined criteria that maps to Key. For example, if you specified tag:ServerRole, you could specify value:WebServer to run a command on instances that include Amazon EC2 tags of ServerRole,WebServer.


  • (Array<String>)

    User-defined criteria that maps to Key.